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Global Sporting Events Calendar 2024: Must-Attend Competitions and Championships

by Sportsdab

The sports world is looking forward to an exciting calendar of events in 2024 that will transform the year into a grand display of athleticism, competition, and international friendship. This year promises to be an unparalleled sporting extravaganza, with championships taking place all over the world in addition to the legendary venues in Paris that will host the Summer Olympics. We present the international athletics landscape’s must-see events that will enthrall spectators and make a lasting impression in this all-inclusive guide.

2024 Summer Olympics, Paris

Unquestionably, the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024 will be the highlight of the athletic calendar. A wide range of sports will take place in the City of Lights, bringing athletes from all over the world to compete on the biggest platform. Paris will be a mashup of talent, culture, and togetherness from the opening ceremony at the famous Eiffel Tower to the closing celebrations along the storied Champs-Élysées. With the iconic venues serving as event spaces and the Eiffel Tower serving as a symbolic backdrop, the 2024 Summer Olympics are set to be a celebration of sport, unity, and the unbreakable human spirit.

FIFA World Cup, Qatar

Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup, so football enthusiasts should get ready for this highly anticipated tournament. Against the backdrop of state-of-the-art stadiums and the distinct charm of the Arabian Peninsula, the 2024 edition is expected to provide thrilling matches and unforgettable experiences. Fans can anticipate a fusion of sport and culture as nations compete for soccer supremacy, making this tournament a historic occasion in the football calendar. In addition to competing for the coveted championship, the 2024 World Cup in Qatar will offer an opportunity to learn more about the distinctive footballing traditions of the Middle East.

2024 Winter Youth Olympics, Gangwon, South Korea

The 2024 Winter Youth Olympics will take place in Gangwon, South Korea, and will bring together the future stars of winter sports. Young athletes will demonstrate their abilities in a range of disciplines amid the snow-covered landscapes, laying the groundwork for future greatness in winter sports. This event not only gives up-and-coming talent a stage, but it also highlights how popular winter sports are all over the world. A new generation of winter sports enthusiasts will surely be inspired by the youthful exuberance and skill on display at the Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon, as witnessed by the entire world.

Wimbledon, London

Tennis fans will be glued to the verdant Wimbledon grass courts as the greatest players in the world square off for the coveted Grand Slam title. The tournament in London, steeped in tradition, promises exhilarating matches, timeless rivalries, and the distinct atmosphere of one of tennis’s most iconic locations. Wimbledon is a monument to the enduring legacy of tennis and the unwavering passion of its global fanbase, with its rich history and timeless elegance.

Rugby World Cup, France

When it hosts the Rugby World Cup in 2024, France will be the hub of the rugby world. It is anticipated that the competition will captivate spectators around the globe by showcasing the sport’s ferocity, talent, and unity. The Rugby World Cup is expected to be a worldwide celebration of this adored sport, complete with fervent spectators, iconic locations, and the oval ball spirit. The tournament promises to be an exciting exhibition of athleticism and teamwork as nations compete for supremacy on the rugby field.


2024 is a boundary-pushing sporting odyssey that unites athletes and fans in the pursuit of greatness. Every competition on the international sporting calendar offers a different combination of competition, culture, and spectacle, from the grandeur of the Summer Olympics in Paris to the passion of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. As we mark our calendars and get ready for an incredible year, let’s unite to celebrate the universal language of sport—competition and camaraderie—that unites people everywhere. Prepare yourself for a front row seat to the drama, victories, and historic moments that will take place on the grand stage of the world’s biggest sports arena in 2024. The competitors, the locations, and the worldwide viewership are ready for an unforgettable year of sporting brilliance.

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