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Ice hockey is a risky sport! This may not appear alarming at first, yet it is. Ice hockey is ranked third on a new list of the world’s most dangerous sports, according to British Columbia. In order to excel in this discipline, ice aficionados sustain a significant number of excruciating injuries. With freezing winters that cause water to freeze, this sport is more common in regions with extremely low temperatures.
This sport has generated a lot of interest in South Korea, China, and other countries. In other nations, young adults, adolescents, and teenagers act it out quite fervently. It’s their cricket, to put it simply.

However, it poses a serious threat to lead the list based on the
injuries.Injuries sustained when playing ice hockey are typically caused by collisions with the ice, players, boards, and even frostbite. However, slipping or skidding on the ice can also result in serious or even fatal injuries.

We hope to illuminate the dark side of participation in this sport in this way!


Even great players who play with aggression might run into issues!
Even if you are not injured, you will have pain, sprains, groin
fractures, hairline fractures, and a variety of other minor injuries that will impede your progress.

To defend yourself, you must wear quite hefty equipment.
Lower back and spinal difficulties, neck strains or injuries,
bruising, frostbite, broken teeth, black eyes, foot injuries,
getting frozen due to extreme weather, and spinal cord
injuries are all injuries that can result from vigorous play.
The list can be expanded significantly more, but I’ll leave the remaining items up to your creativity.About 15% of ice hockey games result in serious consequences.
Recent medical reports have revealed some startling statistics
Every year, even when using the appropriate safety equipment there are 2 to 3 severe spinal cord injuries.

In this sport, unexpected contact accompanied by speed is the main cause of almost all injuries!

Some people may have trouble with these terms.
These lines might sound crazy to some readers, but they simply state that injuries in ice hockey are brought on by unexpected jerks when skating quickly!
Contact hockey is entirely prohibited.
Ice contact hockey is the icing on the risk cake!
All minors, young adults, and teenagers are prohibited from using

However, since it pertains to their line of work, specialists might
proceed cautiously. The NHL arranges contact hockey games with the utmost care and a support staff to help the injured players.

The actual game of ice hockey is contact hockey. In fact, the
players can crossexamine one another. They do occasionally become combative, but there are severe laws in place that forbid the use of sticks.
You cannot beat someone with a stick.
Stick can’t be utilised to defeat the opposition.

You can’t point your hockey stick at another player’s face or other sensitive areas with it ( whether teammates or opposition)

Mild bruises to major cuts that may require stitches and hairline to complete bone breaks that may require plasters are all potential consequences of contact hockey.
making it the
“ultimate death game.”


Indeed, sports enthusiasts cannot be deterred by injuries.
However, avoiding hazards can keep them apart.


• Before playing, put on padding-equipped clothing.
• (Padding provides defence against unexpected jerks that frequently cause internal organ damage.)

• Wear equipment that is properly sized and inspected before
• They shouldn’t be extremely worn-out, lacking in padding, torn, or on the edge of being torn.

• You should try wearing them since, although it may seem big at first, you will become used to it once you start wearing it.

• It will become second nature to you with time and safeguard you from severe damage.

Not to mention, this sport is one of the most well-known games in the globe. It is practised as a sport in practically every country in the world.

Given how thrilling it is to both watch and play, the game is also a
feast for spectators.

However, we must take care of ourselves since if we are not healthy and fit, neither as players nor spectators, we will be able to enjoy the game.

So please, look after yourself.


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