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Why Is Cricket India’s Favourite Sport?

by Sportsdab

When talking about sports in India, cricket always comes to mind first. Cricket is incredibly popular in India. It resembles fanaticism more. There are several other reasons why cricket is popular. Numerous Indians even go so far as to base their weekend plans, travel arrangements, and even employment decisions on the cricket team’s itinerary. But why is cricket a lot more well-liked sport in India than national sports like kabaddi or hockey, or the globally recognized sport of football? Here are a few reasons for the importance of cricket in India:

Highly Profitable Sport

In India, there is extensive media coverage of cricket. Every cricket tournament receives in-depth coverage in print, television, and digital media. When there is a cricket match, the majority of commercial commercials have cricket as their main focus.

As a result of this broad coverage, cricket players and cricket clubs have attracted a wide range of sponsors and advertisements. Through product sponsorships and commercial appearances, many cricket players have accumulated large fortunes. Due to their ability to live more opulently than other athletes, professional cricket players in India can add to the popularity of the sport there. After seeing the affluent and lavish lifestyle of cricket players on television, many young Indian boys are motivated to pursue the game.

Reasonably Simple Play Sport

Granted, playing cricket is more difficult to learn than, say, football, which only needs a ball and can be played by one person. Cricket is best played with at least 1 friend and does require some additional equipment.

Despite these difficulties, cricket is still a reasonably simple game to learn, and young Indians are always able to find a way to play thanks to their inventiveness. For this reason, you can frequently find youngsters playing street cricket with anything from tattered old tennis balls to rusted metal pipes. Even on India’s smallest roads and streets, the sport is evident due to its simplicity.

Good Infrastructure of the sport

India is home to numerous cricket practice fields and coaching facilities where both children and adults may learn the game. There is at least one cricket stadium in every Indian town. Most stadiums provide first-rate amenities and coaching of a high standard. The plethora of training and coaching facilities is a major factor in cricket’s popularity in India.

Massive Boost Due To Online Betting

Cricket betting is a means for the average person to get involved in the sport and, hopefully, profit from it. As a result, cricket betting provides a means for fans to become even more involved in the game, which has greatly increased cricket’s appeal. Cricket accounts for 80–90% of all sports wagers in India. This can be attributable to the increased number of establishments that have welcomed Indian gamblers in recent years.

Contributes To the Indian Economy

Indian economy is also impacted by cricket. One of the wealthiest cricket councils in the world is the BCCI (Board of Cricket Council in India). India benefits from having a strong economy. A lot of money is paid to cricketers by BCCI. In IPl, the government is quite wealthy. Only cricket can do that. Sports networks, advertisers, and the BCCI all made substantial sums of money.

Promotes Unity

This is India’s primary justification. In India, there are residing together Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians. However, while we discuss cricket, everyone forgets to practice their religion. They were only Indians at the time. And if we pay close attention, the Indian cricket team also exhibits cohesiveness.


In conclusion, a confluence of elements that go beyond athletics may be used to explain cricket’s unwavering status as India’s national sport. It’s more than just a game; it’s a lifestyle, a passion, and a unifying force. The sport’s widespread media coverage, rich business connections, and the lavish lifestyles of cricket players all add to its appeal. Further establishing its preeminence includes its flexibility for play, the availability of infrastructure, the increase of internet betting, and its economic influence on the country.

However, cricket’s capacity to cross boundaries and promote unification among varied people is its most significant feature. On the cricket pitch, differences in religion, culture, and society are put aside in favour of a shared sense of identification as Indians. Not only is cricket fun to play, but it also can create a national narrative that people can relate to. Cricket’s legacy endures unwaveringly as India develops, serving as a continual reminder of the eternal spirit of friendship, pride, and national togetherness.

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